Women are powerful beautiful creatures that are all too often unreasonably hard on themselves. We say, "When I just lose 25 pounds, then I'll..."

It's that feeling that somehow we aren't good enough just as we are. This self-criticality results in us hiding from photos under the constant comparison to the images we see in magazines. At some point, we stop existing in images. And someday when our children or grandchildren go to find us, there won't be anything there.

Unless we change that.

Photography is a powerful tool that can transform how we see ourselves. We make gorgeous portraits that embody the beauty, charisma, and authenticity we see in our clients. In doing so we get to show the world how diverse beauty can be. In the process, we are building a community of women who are helping to share a definition of beauty that reflects the complex and wonderful ways it manifests.


 The brilliant Yvonne by Gia Goodrich of VEV Studios


Most fashion photographers work exclusively with models, and the industry revolves around a very limited representation of beauty. At VEV we're interested in representing a holistic view of women.  

Models don't wake up flawless. As a culture, we tend to overlook the invisible processes that go into a final image.  One of the great things about the VEV experience, is women get to see all the steps.  From styling and makeup, to lighting, posing and creative processing, it gives women a chance to absorb the fact that the imagery we're surrounded by is the result of a transformation.  When we know that, we can stop comparing what we see in the mirror to what we see on magazine covers.  Ultimately, that leads to a sense of freedom.

That's why we are committed to image transparency.  The way we do that is through before and afters to show both ends of the process.  It's especially important for women who haven't had the experience, because it proves that it could just as easily be them.



Gia started VEV Studios because of her belief that all women should exist in portraits not only for them, but for all the people that love them. She  is an award-winning photographer with a Master's Degree in Visual Studies. She  has had work featured in major publications including, The New York Times, The Oregonian, Tech Insider, CNN, Huffington Post and Portland Monthly. Her passion is connecting with women and showing them how beautiful they really are.

Gia grew up in dance. She was short and built like a tank so she not only felt the pressures to be different, but she was often told that she needed to loose weight in order to be good enough.

Without even blinking, most women can give you a laundry list of what they'd change about themselves.  It's not their fault.  We're conditioned to compare ourselves to models in magazines, and we are part of a culture that's always criticizing women for what they look like and what they wear.

Ask any five-year-old who the most beautiful woman in the world is, and they'll tell you it's their mom. Which means somewhere between kindergarten and adulthood, we've lost that intrinsic understanding of what beauty is.

We want to get it back.


Our photo shoots are specifically tailored to each client. This means that every session is concepted and designed to reflect their personality and beauty. Since we strive to create the best photography and service possible, we limit our availability to two clients per week. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us early to ensure that we can fit you into our schedule as we are often booking clients 3 weeks or more in advance.

Our photography  collections are specifically crafted to produce a range of  imagery to fit your taste and desires from family portraits, and sophisticated boudoir, to editorial stories and senior pictures.

If you would like more information on the specific collections we offer as well as pricing information please see our Portrait Suite.



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