Once a year the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art hosts a night of drinks, dancing, and donating where the who's who of Portland's creative community give back to the amazing institution that keeps us in good culture throughout the year.

This evening happened to be celebrating PICA's 20th year of amazing art programming and we were there to create formal portraits of the fabulous attendees. Not only was it great fun seeing everyone in their amazing costumes, but it was a great chance to give back. 

I've been so lucky since starting VEV to have an amazing community supporting me and encouraging me. So for me it was a great chance to offer my services to an institution that played a huge part in my understanding of art during grad school and after.  Also, years ago they took me in as a lowly intern and taught me the ways of the world in between sorting papers ; ) 

So cheers to an amazing 20 years and to 20 more to come!

P.S. Every year I've photographed performances for their epic 10 day extravaganza the Time Based Art Festival. If you haven't been, you've only half lived so check it out! You can see some of the performances I photographed here: Taylor Mac, Zoe+Juniper, Critical Mascara