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  • Timeline- Aug. 15th-Sept. 14th 2014
  • Goal- $22k
  • Excitement level- High
  • Link- here


Using fashion photography to make women feel gorgeous, confident and bad ass.


At VEV, fashion photography is for all women. We believe it's a powerful tool that can transform how we see ourselves. Our goal is to make kick ass images that show how diverse beauty can be. In the process, we want to build a community of women who don't buy into narrow messages of what we should look like

There's no reason why fashion photography should be limited to models in magazines.


Jillian and Gia both grew up feeling less than awesome.  Gia was short and built like a tank (which didn't play well with ballet instructors), and Jillian was lanky and hated her A-cups.  Neither of them felt beautiful enough, especially not beautiful enough to be in a magazine.

Without even blinking, most women can give you a laundry list of what they'd change about themselves.  It's not their fault.  We're conditioned to compare ourselves to models in magazines, and we are part of a culture that's always criticizing women for what they look like and what they wear.

Ask any five-year-old who the most beautiful woman in the world is, and they'll tell you it's their mom. Which means somewhere between kindergarten and adulthood, we've lost that intrinsic understanding of what beauty is.

We want to get it back.


Most fashion photographers work exclusively with models, and the industry revolves around a very limited representation of beauty. At VEV, we don't play that game. We're most interested in representing a holistic view of women.  

That's why we want to offer this experience to women who might otherwise never have a chance to see themselves through a fashion lens.

Models don't wake up flawless. As a culture, we tend to overlook the invisible processes that go into a final image.  One of the great things about the VEV experience, is women get to see all the steps.  From styling and makeup, to lighting, posing and creative processing, it gives women a chance to absorb the fact that the imagery we're surrounded by is the result of a transformation.  When we know that, we can stop comparing what we see in the mirror to what we see on magazine covers.  Ultimately, that leads to a sense of freedom.

That's why we are committed to image transparency.  The way we do that is through before and afters to show both ends of the process.  It's especially important for women who haven't had the experience, because it proves that it could just as easily be them.


Jillian and Gia were great friends in high school. During a senior year ecology project they realized that they were platonic business soul mates. Jillian was and still is great at organizing, planning, and spreadsheeting. While Gia is great with abstract thinking and creative pursuits, along with freaking out when things aren't organized (although she isn't great at the actual organizing part).

They reconnected after 10 years and for the last year and change have been looking for the perfect project to partner on.

After long conversations about working in male-dominated environments, they decided to create a fashion photography studio for women where they can build a company culture about and in service to women.