Head Shot Marathon- 5+

 The wonderful Sarah Hammer from To The Point PDX Acupuncture photographed by Gia Goodrich of VEV Studios.
 The wonderful Sarah Hammer from To The Point PDX Acupuncture photographed by Gia Goodrich of VEV Studios.

Head Shot Marathon- 5+

from 3,500.00

If you have 4 or more colleagues/friends who need a head shot as well, you've come to the right place. And the best part is the more you have the less you spend.

For our headshot marathons we can come to you or you to us. We set up our lights and backdrops, which create a beautiful consistency between images. It's ideal for a company website were images need to look high-quality and uniform (while also showing each persons sparkling personality of course).

Typical Schedule:

  • 8:00am: Set Up | Client A -Grooming*/Makeup & Hair (M&H)
  • 9:00am: Client A Session | Client B -Grooming/M&H
  • 10:00am: Client B Session  | Client C -Grooming/M&H
  • 11:00am: Client C Session | Client D -Grooming/M&H

Each client session- 45 minutes:

  • Select two outfits (clients bring 3-4 options)
  • Photograph two looks
  • Select 2 final images
  • Discuss timelines and what to expect | Wrap up

For these sessions Gia photographs each client with her camera tethered to her laptop. This allows her and her client to immediately review the images and select the final two to be retouched and delivered.

This photo shoot is geared toward creating photographs that you can use in your career. Whether it's for Linkedin or a billboard, creating images that accurately communicate your personality and warmth is vital to being a force in your industry. Often photographers have a cookie-cutter approach but that doesn't take into account the nuances of your line of work and what you need to have your head shot communicate to your clients and colleagues.

Our photographic session will be tailored to your field and your personality. We will work together to ensure that your images give the right impression. You'll have hair and makeup or grooming professionally done to your specifications. During your mini session we'll create 2 distinct looks to give you different options for different uses.

Within 10 days of your session you'll be given access to a private gallery with the head shots from the day, where you can download them and share. You'll  receive digital negatives in both 5x7 and web ready sizes along with reproduction rights.

We know that people deduce quite a lot from an image. Right or wrong, our clients decide what they feel about us long before they meet us. This professional shoot is a fun way to create work that will give you what you need to get tangible results in your career.

Head Shot Marathon Highlights:

  • 30 min Concepting and Design Session (to decide on consistent look)
  • Professional Hair & Makeup / Grooming
  • In Studio or Location of Your Choice
  • 45 Minute Session Tailored To Your Industry & Personality
  • 2 -Looks
  • 2 -Professionally Retouched Final Photographs
  • Digital Negatives of Purchased Photographs
  • Reproduction Rights

Pricing Per Client:

  • $700- 5 or more
  • $640- 10 or more
  • $580- 15 or more
  • $500- 20 or more

*Premium Add On*

In addition to their package, most clients elect to purchase additional portraits at the time of viewing. There's no pressure, it's entirely up to you. We just want you to walk away with the portraits you love.

A La Carte Portrait Prices:

  • 5x7- $290
  • 11x14- $450


*What's grooming? Well, if you're not someone who wants makeup, our makeup artist will make sure you look your best without it. Making sure the skin is moisturized, eyebrows in place etc.

Number of Participants:
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