Professional Portrait Pop-Up




After confirming your appointment you’ll receive a series of emails on how to prepare for your session. They will cover what to bring, do’s and don’t in self-care, and what to expect. You’ll also be given the option of scheduling a 15 min pre-session consultation with Gia to go over your goals, and talk through some of your emotions that come up and how to prepare yourself mentally so you’re ready for the day.



Each sessions happens on the hour. Appointment times are given on a first come, first serve basis after session purchase. When you arrive you’ll get settled then head to hear and makeup. After that you’ll visit our stylist and select two outfits from your options to be photographed. Lastly, you’ll have your photographic session with Gia and hopefully go off for a fun adventure as you’ll look fabulous. There will be a few other clients in various stages you’ll get to meet. During any transition time you’ll be able to help yourself to snacks and drinks. You can expect to commit 3 hours to the process, although adding a buffer is always recommended.



The goal is to look like yourself on your best day. Before you begin hair and makeup, you’ll share with them your goals and they will work at the same time to realized your vision with award-winning artists Destiny Taylor and Paige Ashcroft. The process takes about an hour and a half. Then you’ll work with Portland’s premiere wardrobe stylist Scarlet Chamberlin to talk through your clothing options and select the two best looks for your images. She will help your translate your real-life style with what will work best for imagery.



When you’re ready and feeling beautiful you’ll begin your session with Gia. She will direct you in every way so you feel comfortable and your body language and expression are flattering and authentic. This session lasts 45 mins. From the session you’ll have multiple options to choose from.



Following your session you’ll receive a link to view your session images. You’ll select your finals, which will be retouched and delivered in two weeks in an online album (click link for example). You’ll have the option to order prints and share the album yourself.

 Portrait by Gia Goodrich
Hair and Makeup by Kimberly Briggs


Doing  condensed sessions in one day allows Gia to offer her work to personal clients in a way that’s far more accessible than her commercial creative fees ($5000+). This format means she can still create powerful imagery for professional womxn*  in tandem with her commercial and editorial work. These sessions are always shorter than she’d like, but they allow her a way of still serving the amazing womxn in her life in a way that’s sustainable.

The cost for this session is $1590 and includes 5 final retouched images along with reproduction rights. The option to purchase additional portraits is available for $290 ea. All purchased portrait arrived in high-rez digital files.

*womxn- An inclusive definition. Includes cis-women, all ethnicities, all genders, and all humans with kind vibes.


Photo by  Anthony Georgis
Photo by  Christian Rudman

“I’m a photographer on a mission. Images are ultimately about connection, they help us create empathic connections, shape our opinions, and forge a shared reflection of our experience. That’s why I’m driven to use photography to expand rigid notions of beauty, celebrate diversity, and affirm the gorgeous and complex intersections of identity.

Who am I? Well, it’s complicated. I’m a bi-lingual, gay, mixed-race beauty photographer fueled by my mission, black coffee and reggaeton. I have both a resting bitch face and a big horsey smile. I’m a Youtuber, Director, Photographer, and Perma-Rebel. More than anything though, I love delighting someone with something bold, beautiful and powerful.

You can find me obsessing about beauty and photos on Youtube and catch my daily shenanigans on Instagram.

Even if I don’t know you, I know you’re awesome. And I 100% believe in that special thing that only you have to share with the world. Bring it, we need it.”